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Monday, June 28, 2010

Time for a trip! ~ Luggage

We are looking for someplace to go!  Got any ideas?  Anyone have a timeshare to share(wink wink)  I received this great luggage to review from CSNstores.com and now I need to go on a trip to use it properly! 

 I would be so proud to stroll down the hotel (or your timeshare) hall with my 3 red suitcases behind me!  Ok, so I wouldn't actually be pulling them; my husband and 2 boys would be!  (Is that breaking child labor laws?)

We have had the same 2 pieces of  luggage since we were married 15 years ago.  It was way past time to replace them. 

Introducing.... the Skyview II Collection from the Travelers Club!

From smallest to larges:  20" Rolling Pullman, 24" Rolling Pullman, and the 28" Rolling Pullman

  • Locking Telescopic Handle
  • 2-Large Front Pockets
  • Up to 30% Expandable
  • In-Line Blade Wheel System
  • Side Handle for Lifting
  • Pieces Nest Into the Next Size
  • Meets Airline Carry-On Regulations
  • Meets 62" Airline Size Regulations

Price:  $72.99 with FREE shipping!

There are two features that I really like:  the expandable sides that easily zip out and the wheels.  I put the two smaller pieces into the larger one and easily pulled all three pieces up a flight of stairs.  There is one thing that I'm a little leery about:  the fabric on the sides is a little thin.  I can see how it may tear if handled roughly by an airline.

All in all, it's great luggage and I think it is worth the $72 price tag.  My family is very much looking forward to pulling this luggage on our next trip.  (wink wink!)

Some of my favorite stores at CSNstores.com:

A big thank you to CSNstores for supplying this luggage for review.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

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