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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WFMW (Works For Me Wednesday)

3 Shopping Tips:

Tip 1. When you are first starting out couponing, you will find that sometimes you have to sign up on websites with your email.

Don't want to clutter your inbox with unwanted promos and store emails? Sign up on a free email account like yahoo.com just for your coupons! That way, when you go to "clip" coupons and see what specials are out there on the world wide web, you can go straight to your "coupon" email account.

Tip 2. Stocking a pantry: It takes a while to build up a stock of groceries. When an item goes on sale, purchase several of them. The more you shop sales and use coupons (at the same time preferably) the more you will be able to stock your pantry. I started off having only a stack of salsa and a stack pasta sauce in my pantry. Over the past few months, I've stocked cereal, pasta, cookies, rice, beans, chips, relish, peppers and maybe a few other items. We have a limited budget so we have started off at a slower pace.

Tip 3. Getting good deals at WalMart: Did you know that WalMart will do what is called "comping"? (That is price matching!!) If a local grocery store has Life Cereal on sale in their ad, take the ad to the register at WalMart and tell the cashier that you'd like this "comped" or "price matched". No joke! It really works!

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